In the land of invigorating moments...

In the far west of Slovenia, stretching for 72 km2, there is a charming hilly world called Brda. Colourful hills extend from mountains of Korada in the North and Sabotin in the East, to the state border with Italy. In the southeast it is surrounded by the emerald green Soča River and by the Idrija River in the northwest. In the influence of the favourable location, fertile soil and Mediterranean climate many sunny fruits are produced. Especially known are Brda cherries and grapes. In honour of these two fruits events like Festival of Cherries and Festival of St. Martin are organised each year and bring to Brda many visitors from all around.

Brda can delightfully surprise you in each season of the year. Beginning with spring, when nature is waking up and covers the whole landscape into magnificent green-variegated colors, then throughout the summer when it gives us juicy fruits, and surprises us in autumn with a wonderful game of yellow-red colors, till winter time when nature is calm and hardworking farmers in the wine cellars begin to produce the magic wine drop.
Therefore welcome to Brda, to a land of invigorating moments...


The village Kozana is situated on the ridge that descends from Smartno to Vipolze. It is enclosed by many vineyards and fertile orchards.
In the old monarchy of Austria, farmers from Kozana as well as farmers from Brda, were largely trading with fruits. They were transporting it up to Vienna.
One of the nicest examples of the sacral architecture in Brda is the church in the village Kozana. The preliminary drawings for the renewal of the bell tower were made by the famous Slovene architect Jože Plečnik.

According to his plan, the tower was raised and the finishing touches in the shape of the temple were added to the top in 1956. After both wars only one bell remained, which was then turned into three smaller ones. The bells were then changed again a few years ago, in 1999.

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