Hotel Kozana Located close from the Italian border 16 km from Nova Gorica, the Hotel Kozana provides 3 star accommodation in Kozana – Slovenia. The hotel is surrounded by lush greenery and vineyards, and makes for a lovely holiday destination for discerning travelers who wish to feel pampered and at home away from home.

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Major cities:

  • Gorizia: 10 km
  • Udine: 30 km
  • Trieste: 65 km
  • Ljubljana: 125 km
  • Venice: 145 km
  • Klagenfurt: 190 km


  • Airport FVG ( Ronchi dei Legionari, IT): 32 km (link na spletno stran)
  • Airport Marco Polo (Venice, IT): 132 km (link na spletno stran)
  • Airport Jože Pučnik (Brnik, Ljubljana, SI): 145 km (link na spletno stran)

Railway stations:

  • Nova Gorica railway station (SI): 12 km
  • Gorizia railway station (IT): 15 km